Dr. Samaan’s life-saving article
“In September /October 2009 I read an article written by Dr. Samaan in the Staten Island Advance regarding calcium score test. It sounded like a good idea and something that my husband and I should have done. I checked with our cardiologist and he agreed. When we took the test we got good and bad news. My score was very low, unfortunately my hus-bands was extremely high. Our doc-tor immediately scheduled an an-giogram. The results were that he had 3 arteries clogged over 90% each. The triple bypass surgery was immediately carried out. The sur-gery was a success and my husband is well on the road to recovery. Thanks to the article in the advance my hus-band’s life was possible saved. He had no prior symptoms and the doc-tor said he probably would have had a major heart attack at the young age of 58. I want to take this opportu-nity to thank you for writing the arti-cle on the calcium score test and bring it to our attention. We have since recommended this test to many of our friends and family. Hopefully it can save other lives.”
Someone recently told me that if I’m going to choose a doctor to make sure I chose a doctor that I like & to ask myself certain questions like; Does this doctor understand my reasons for visiting the clinic today, does this doctor have a follow up with his/her patients, & do I get along well with my doctor? There were other questions too but these 3 stuck out more in my mind & its a YES to all 3 questions for me…so yeah, I’m very pleased I chose Dr Samaan as my cardiologist doctor. Plus his assistants are super nice too, thats important too!

For all intensive purposes, Dr. Samaan may have saved my life. His dedication to his patients and his drive to go the extra mile saved me from having a heart attack. His through checking of my stress test lead to me having an angioplasty, which proved to be the step that kept me from having a future heart attack. He has continued to go above and beyond the normal care between a doctor and his or her patient. He was kind enough to give me his cell phone in case I had any questions about my heart condition. Every once in a while I’ll get a text from him asking me how things are going and he will tell me about new discoveries or new medicines he’s read about that may help me. He always has a caring ear for my wife or myself and I would highly recommend him to anyone.

Marc T.